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BankInvest wins Lipper Fund Award for the second year in a row


For the second consecutive year BankInvest New Emerging Markets Equities is top performer in its class "Equity Emerging Markets Global" over 3 years in the Nordics and thus the winner of a Lipper Fund Award 2015.

Lipper Nordics 2015

Every year, the Lipper Fund Awards honors funds and fund management firms that have excelled in consistently strong risk-adjusted performance, relative to their peers in 15 countries across the globe.

This year New Emerging Markets Equities has shown the highest score for consistent return against 155 funds in the peer group Equity Emerging Markets Global.

» Lipper Fund Award Diploma

Senior Portfolio Manager, Brian Muggeridge Andersen, acknowledges the prize: "We are glad and honored to receive this accolade for the second year running. An investment in New Emerging Markets Equities is a long term investment in structurally driven changes to countries with a huge potential."

Produkt Nema

BI SICAV New Emerging Markets Equities is investing in equities with exposure to frontier and emerging markets (New Emerging Markets Countries). These countries are considered to be a in an earlier economic, political, and financial development stage compared to the more typical emerging markets countries.

Return is created by investing in companies that are expected to benefit from structural changes or companies becoming structural winners. New Emerging Markets Equities is an active bottom-up stock picking fund based on detailed fundamental analysis including top-down considerations.

New Emerging Markets Equities 5 years return

The graph above shows the past 5 years' annualized performance for BI SICAV - New Emerging Markets Equities and its benchmark*

2015 saw the second, consecutive win for New Emerging Markets Equities at the Lipper Fund Awards. Earlier New Emerging Markets Equities was named best frontier-fund in 2013 by Swedish

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*The benchmark consists of 50 per cent MSCI Frontier Markets Index, inclusive Net Dividends and 50 per cent MSCI Frontier Markets, exclusive GCC Index but inclusive Net Dividends, reweighted every year end. Past performance is no guarantee for future performance


Last updated: 07.08.2015