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BankInvest recruits top managers of Danish equities


Recruitment of Niels Andersen, Karsten Søndermølle and Kitty Grøn facilitates BankInvest’s offering of asset management services for Danish shares to institutional clients and private banking clients in addition to 220,000 private investors.

As of November 1st, one of the best performing teams within Danish equities moves from SEB Asset Management to BankInvest. The team will manage BankInvest’s funds for Danish equities and also be instrumental in developing and implementing new asset management service offerings to institutional clients, companies, funds, large private portfolios and private banking clients.

The team consists of Portfolio Manager Niels Andersen, Portfolio Manager Karsten Søndermølle and Assisting Portfolio Manager Kitty Grøn. Their combined experience with equities adds up to 80 years. The team previously managed Danish equities worth a double-digit billion amount for professional and private investors, including the fund SEBInvest Danske Aktier, which in the past 10 years yielded an average excess return of approximately 2 percentage points annually compared to the OMXC Cap index and the category “Aktier – Danmark” (Equities - Denmark).

"Danish equities is a focus area for BankInvest and for our customers. That is why we look forward to strengthening our offering to both existing and new customers by welcoming three of the most skilled and experienced managers of Danish equities. Together, they form a close-knit and stable team that creates robust and consistent results based on a well-proven ”bottom-up” process involving careful stock selection – the same process that BankInvest adheres to. Hence, the team fits well in with BankInvest," comments Investment Director Andrea Panzieri, BankInvest.

Niels Andersen was born in 1966 and holds an MSc in Finance. Focussing particularly on Danish equities, he has worked as an equity analyst and portfolio manager since 1987 in SparInvest, Baltica, Unibørs, Enskilda Securities and Nykredit, before joining SEB as Portfolio Manager in 2006.

Karsten Søndermølle was born in 1967 and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has primarily dealt with Danish and Nordic equities, particularly on the sales side, in Børs Nord, Unibørs, Baltica Børs, Enskilda Securities and Alfred Berg, before joining SEB as Portfolio Manager in 2006.

Kitty Grøn was born in 1971 and holds an MSc in Finance. She has dealt with Danish equities since 1993, originally as an equity analyst in ABN Amro, Alfred Berg and Svenska Handelsbanken, before joining SEB as an Assistant Portfolio Manager in 2010.

Following the recruitment of the new team, Senior Portfolio Manager Kasper Bøgede Brix-Andersen is appointed Chief Portfolio Manager and transfers from Danish Equities to Globalt Forbrug. Simultaneously, Head of Global Equities, Leon Svejgaard Pedersen transfers from Globalt Forbrug to focus entirely on BankInvest’s global stock product, Basis, together with the global equities team and the associated sector specialists.

Additional information:
Investment Director Andrea Panzieri, BI Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab.
tel. +45 30 70 21 96

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Last updated: 07.06.2016