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BankInvest: Creating Value and Financial Opportunities for 50 Years

1969. A landmark year in the history of the world. Apollo 11 and the first humans land on the moon, hippie culture reaches its zenith at the legendary Woodstock Festival in the United States, and the Internet 'is born', when two university computers in California at a distance of 550 km get connected via two routers.

1969 also witnesses renewal and visions in a corner of the Danish financial sector. Under the aegis of the Danish Provincial Banks Association and the Danish Bankers Association, a number of Danish, local and regional banks decide to found Bankforeningernes Investeringsforening : BankInvest.

BankInvest's current headquarters in the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen. Line drawing from 2001.

With a handful of staff, this small-scale asset manager and investment associations provider (which of course went on to grow significantly), move into modest office premises in Copenhagen. The following year, in 1971, BankInvest launches its first division, Danske Aktier. BankInvest is in full swing.

By 1971, total assets under management in BankInvest amount to approximately DKK 8.7 million. By the end of 2018, BankInvest’s assets were ten thousand times greater - just over DKK 92 billion.

Today, BankInvest is a streamlined asset manager and provider of capital, unit trusts and securities funds for private investors through 50 distributor banks. In addition, it handles the likes of SICAV funds and segregated mandates for institutional clients in Denmark and abroad.

Today's major trend, responsible investment, is nothing new for BankInvest. We have been dealing with it for a long time in our investment processes and products. In 2008, BankInvest was the second asset manager in Denmark to sign the UN’s principles for responsible investment. Sustainability, for instance on the basis of the UN’s 17 Global Goals, is a natural next step, and will provide fresh opportunities for product development. This is another task to which we have committed, and we look forward to it.

In 2019, BankInvest was approved as a participant in the UN Global Compact: the world’s largest initiative in terms of promoting corporate social responsibility. BankInvest also undertakes to work in accordance with the UN’s 17 Global Goals. Lars Bo Bertram, CEO of BankInvest, is photographed here in front of the UN’s 17 Global Goals, which adorn the wall in the reception area at BankInvest.


Last updated: 06.26.2019

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