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Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)

Policy for Responsible Investments


BankInvest has a policy for responsible investments that relates to all our funds and is adopted by BankInvest's Responsible Investment Committee. Every portfolio in BankInvest undergoes the policy with an ethical screening for violating national norms and conventions in areas such as human rights, labour rights and the environment. If a company violates these norms and conventions BankInvest will use dialogue to influence and change a company's behavior in the area.

Screening and dialogue with companies (called active ownership) is undertaken by the consultancy Sustainalytics, which carries the dialogue for several other Nordic investors.

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Last updated: 01.24.2019

Sustainalytics represents institutional investors worldwide.

Sustainalytics does a so-called norm-based screening of all BankInvest's listed portfolios and funds. This means that all funds are being scrutinized for companies that might violate the international standards for environmental protection, human rights, labour standards and business ethics. 

The companies will be screened on the basis of the so-called norm-based criteria, among the most important are:

- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN

- The UN Global Compact (ten principles including human rights, environment and anti-corruption)

- OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

- ILO and their labour conventions

On behalf of BankInvest, Sustainalytics engages with companies that violate the mentioned norm-based criteria in order to positively influence the companies' behaviour.

A dialogue process can involve a range of measures including a dialogue with the top management of the company, impact on the composition of the board and voting at the annual general meeting.

If the engagement from Sustainalytics does not help, the company can be excluded from BankInvest's portfolio. This is being decided by BankInvest's Responsible Investment Committee.

In 2008 BankInvest signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

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