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European Small Cap Equities

European Small Cap Equities

The investment team seeks to invest in mispriced high-quality companies that offers long-term compunding potential in the small cap universe.

Business quality

  • Companies that generate a high rate of return on the invested capital – reinvestment/allocation of capital
  • The market underestimates the compounding effect of high return companies with a strong moat
  • High quality companies have lower risk – lower probability of financial distress, fewer profit warnings
  • ESG considerations are integrated into our quality assessment


  • Value investing works and is driven by overreaction to both positive and negative fundamentals
  • Value principles combined with quality gives an attractive risk[1]adjusted return - avoiding value traps, low quality companies

Portfolio Managers

  • Alexander Kokfelt

    Alexander Kokfelt

    Chief Portfolio Manager

  • Jonas Linding Fredberg

    Jonas Linding Fredberg

    Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Christopher Kjær Hansen

    Christopher Kjær Hansen

    Portfolio Manager

Performance since January 2019 (Gross of Fee)