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Organisation & Management


The BankInvest group consists of the parent BI Holding A/S and the two most important subsidiaries BI Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S and BI Management A/S. The group also includes a number of small companies.

BI Holding A/S (CVR 20895373)
The BankInvest group’s parent is a financial holding company and an investment service holding company. In addition to owning the subsidiaries, BI Holding A/S provides administrative services to the rest of the group and, to a limited extent, administrative services to external customers.

BI Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S (CVR 20896477)
BI Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S is the investment advisor for a number of investment associations managed by BI Management A/S. In addition, the company offers portfolio management services, mainly to institutional investors. The company’s activities also include marketing of investment units. The company is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and subject to the Danish Financial Business Act.

BI Management A/S (CVR 16416797)
As an investment management company and alternative investment fund manager, BI Management A/S oversees the daily administration of investment associations and the management of investment schemes. Most of them are marketed under the BankInvest name. The company is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and subject to the Danish Financial Business Act.


Each company in the BankInvest group is managed by a board of directors and an executive board, and the distribution of responsibilities is determined in accordance with the pertinent financial legislation for the individual company. The companies in the group are organisationally structured to ensure separation between executive and control functions. In addition, the companies have set up compliance and risk management functions that contribute to controlling and supporting the board of directors and executive board in ensuring efficient and prudent management of the group’s companies. The boards of directors of the companies have adopted a policy for conflicts of interest that ensures identification and management of potential conflicts of interest.

The boards of directors of the BankInvest group have adopted a diversity policy setting out how the boards strive to ensure diversity in qualifications and competences among their members and that the members of the individual board possess the collective knowledge, professional competence and experience to be able to understand the company’s activities and the associated risks to ensure the prudent operation of the company. The business activities to be performed by the individual company in the group are set out in the business model determined by the board of directors.

The boards of directors review the business model and risk profile and the boards’ qualifications and competences regularly and in connection with an annual evaluation of the board duties and the board members’ knowledge and experience.

Based on the evaluation and regularly in connection with changes to the business model or risk profile, the boards determine any initiatives that are necessary to strengthen the overall competences of the boards of directors and/or executive boards and to ensure that the boards of directors continue to have the requisite diversity of qualifications and competences. For this purpose, the boards determine the necessary allocation of resources for supplementary training, etc.

Executive Management Team for the BankInvest Group

  • Lars Bo Bertram

    Lars Bo Bertram

    CEO of BI Holding A/S and BI Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S

  • Andrea Panzieri

    Andrea Panzieri

    Investment Director of BI Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S

  • Martin Fjordlund Smidt

    Martin Fjordlund Smidt

    Managing Director of BI Management A/S (COO)

Organisation & Administration Lux MultiManager

Board of Directors for Lux MultiManager

Anette Charnouby, Director
Head of Product & Client Management, BankInvest Group

Board members


Management Company for Lux MultiManager
BIL Manage Invest S.A.
69 Rte d'Esch
L-1470 Hollerich
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Investment Manager for Lux MultiManager
BI Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S
Bredgade 40
DK-1260 Copenhagen K

Custodian, Listing Agent, Central Administrator, Registrar and Transfer Agent for Lux MultiManager
CACEIS Investors Services Bank S.A.
5, allée Scheffer
L-2520 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg