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Who we are

Who we are

Deeply rooted in the co-operative movement's ideals, BankInvest was founded in 1969 as a collaborative effort by regional and local Danish banks. Functioning as a mutually owned sectoral entity, our inception marked a pioneering step in introducing investment units to the Danish market. In today’s everchanging and intricate landscape, the principles of co-operation hold more relevance than ever before.

BankInvest stands as a testament to the potential of collective strength. With unwavering support from our shareholder banks, we can compete in asset management alongside the industry's giants. This unity empowers us to offer superior investment solutions to our clientele, distinguished by exceptional quality and a cost-efficient advantage.

Entrusted with the responsibility of managing others' financial resources, we approach this duty with meticulous care and deference. Our conduct is governed by robust risk management practices and unwavering integrity. BankInvest operates as the integral conduit, augmenting value between financial markets, banks, and their valued patrons. We aspire to be the unswerving confidant and the embodiment of commendable asset management for our partners.

Our pursuit is one of optimal outcomes, underpinned by a commitment that transcends mere profitability. Our ethical compass places consideration and responsibility ahead of the pursuit of marginal gains. Our accomplishments derive sustenance from a dynamic engagement with international norms and accords pertaining to labor conditions, environmental stewardship, climate action, human rights, and other facets shaping human existence today and in the future.

As conscientious contributors to a better world, our approach is grounded in pragmatism. Our investment choices are underpinned by a profound appreciation for the long-term value that responsible corporate entities and nations foster.

Acknowledging that accountability may occasionally be accompanied by missteps, we stand resolute in our commitment to rectitude and responsibility. Our endeavors transcend self-interest, primarily serving the interests of our esteemed clients and society at large.

Each day, we embark on our mission to cultivate enduring value and financial prospects for our valued investors and stakeholders. We attract international interest in our investment strategies and extend the same level of deference to these clients as we do to our domestic base, ensuring uniform treatment and mutual respect for all while proudly upholding our Danish institutional identity.

Our size makes us nimble, approachable, and willing to listen to customers’ needs. These clients do not expect us to just generate returns; they expect us to earn them.

That is the way of BankInvest.