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Global Equity Income

Global Equity Income

BankInvest Equity Income Strategy is a bottom-up stock picking strategy. The ambition is to achieve a competitive total return with focus on 1) risks, 2) cash flow/dividends, and 3) share price appreciation.

Over the long term, dividend paying stocks have outperformed and shown lower risk than the market. This is well-documented.

Investment philosophy

  1. Certainty principle: The most certain aspect of investing is uncertainty. Hence, Risk is the first pillar of the investment philosophy.
  2. Cash flow/dividend focus: Focus on both generation of cash flow and use of cash flow. Dividends are paid by cash flows. Focusing on companies with high and stable cash conversions.
  3. No conviction: No conviction bets, equal weight.
  4. Strategic focus: Focus on "Need to have" over "Nice to have" products and services. The resilience of the former becomes obvious in times of economic uncertainty.
  5. Ambition: Avoiding "losers", rather than picking "winners".

Portfolio Managers

  • Michael Clemens

    Michael Clemens

    Chief Portfolio Manager

  • Kresten Johnsen

    Kresten Johnsen

    Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Aleksander Thor Edemann

    Aleksander Thor Edemann


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