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Global Responsible Equities

Investment philosophy

Responsibility: We define responsibility in a broad sense, where the environment, social responsibility, good business practice and focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provides a natural tilt towards investing in quality companies.

Principles: We are factor investors and use systematic screens to find companies with superior quality, capital allocation, return on invested capital and financing compared to the average benchmark company. Our strategic focus is on price per quality unit - valuation of the company - and positive trend in operations. To harvest the factor risk premia, we have a strong and comprehensive risk setup integrated into the process that includes variables like interest rates, currency, credit spreads etc.

Portfolio Managers

  • Nils Lodberg

    Nils Lodberg

    Chief Portfolio Manager

  • Glenn Martin Vestergaard

    Glenn Martin Vestergaard

    Chief Portfolio Manager

  • Mikkel Zobbe

    Mikkel Zobbe

    Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Mads Stenbo Nielsen

    Mads Stenbo Nielsen

    Portfolio Manager

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