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LMM - BankInvest Emerging Markets Corporate Debt I (USD)

LMM - BankInvest Emerging Markets Corporate Debt I (USD)

The sub-fund invests at least two thirds of its assets in corporate debt of emerging markets debt issuers in Latin America, Central- or Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia exclusive Japan. The sub-fund can also invest in securities issued by sovereign issuers or the local authorities as well as financial and corporate issuers that have the majority of their activities in an emerging market country.

The bonds of this sub-fund are required to have a credit rating of minimum CC. However, 20 percent of the sub-fund assets can be invested in bonds without any credit rating and 5 percent can be invested in downgraded bonds with a credit rating below CC. Financial derivative instruments may be used for hedging purposes and as part of the investment strategy.

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Portfolio Managers

  • Søren Bertelsen

    Søren Bertelsen

    Chief Portfolio Manager

  • Chresten Hagelund

    Chresten Hagelund

    Senior Portfolio Manager